Tom Kitchen is an illustrator and printmaker, currently working from Cardiff, Wales. He has exhibited work throughout the UK as well as San Francisco and Berlin.

His work involves a combination of digital techniques with traditional illustration and screen printing.

Focusing on self-perpetuating narratives, little single frame stories that appear to have been on loop for an indeterminable amount of time. Working mainly in black and white to emphasize the purity and shape of an image, neat solid concepts with no loose ends.


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Tom Kitchen

  • Tom Kitchen


Born: Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Degree: Fine Art Printmaking
University: University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) 2006 - 09


2011 space, jolyon's at no.10, cathedral road, cardiff
2011 project/ten autumn #2, duke street arcade, cardiff
2011 subtitle, typography show, theSHO gallery, inverness place, cardiff
2011 project/ten summer #2, high street arcade, cardiff
2011 superheroes, group show, d-structure, san francisco
2011 green screen, print & t-shirt show, theSHO gallery, inverness place, cardiff
2011 project/ten spring #2, the old dairy, cardiff
2010 project/ten winter #1, old solicitors' office, morgan arcade, cardiff
2010 project/ten autumn #1, morgan arcade, cardiff
2010 project/ten welsh millenium center residency, ffresh lounge, cardiff
2010 creative spaces fundraiser - live drawing and exhibition, buffalo bar, cardiff
2010 project/ten summer #1, milgi warehouse, cardiff
2010 open studio night and exhibiton, milgi warehouse, cardiff
2010 project/ten spring #1, cardiff arts institute
2010 live drawing, cardiff arts institute
2010 COLENY - drawing exhibiton, cardiff arts institute
2010 live drawing and exhibition, tonys kitchen & gallery, cardiff