‘I graduated from Herefordshire College of Art in 2001 with BA (Hons) in Design Crafts and now live in Bristol.

Landscapes are my inspiration and how light and colour evoke their unique atmosphere. Back in Herefordshire, I was surrounded with beautiful countryside, the Welsh mountains and the Malvern Hills. Mountains, seascapes, vistas, of places I have travelled all inspire me but probably the west coast of Scotland and Ireland are my favourites.

To produce my textile collages, I begin with the background working with dye washes and then I add the layers of fabric as a painter would add paint, to build up a relief image. I do not draw any part of the image but work with the materials I use, to express the spontaneous blend of colour and form.

Since moving to Bristol, the urban landscape around me, has encouraged me to develop my print-making which I approach in the same way as my textile work, looking at layers and textures.’


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Su Williams

  • Su Williams