‘I generally paint men engaged in seemingly unremarkable acts. Often sitting at tables, they wait for telephones to ring, cut flowers or just endure empty plates. But these seemingly innocuous situations hide undertones of fear, loss and emasculation often suggested by severings, limpness and sometimes the presence of unsavory objects hidden beneath the fabric of seemingly polite surfaces. As in dreams, these fears are often over-compensated for and the protagonists frequently become entrapped in a rigid narrative and compositional loop from which they cannot seem to break free; sometimes cartoon-like movement lines allow for just a little vibration. This said, these situations may have an amusing, playful, even titillating edge. The paint is applied mischievously, thin against thick, background ironically bleeding over foreground and more and more I am working wet in wet to induce less precision and more happenstance; there is a constant tension between the linear and the painterly. I am influenced by the work of Bacon, Dali, Dubuffet and Sidney Nolan and also by ‘Outsider’ art and old conjurer’s instructional manuals.’


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Jon Ratigan

  • Jon Ratigan


Born: Tredegar, Wales, UK
Education: 1988-1990 - BA Hons, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales


2012 - Centre Space, Bristol