‘I have been encircled by raw nature my whole life. It was not until I studied at Coventry University (05-09) that I realised how important it was to my personal motivation and positivity to surround myself with elements of natural life. After returning to Cornwall and visiting my childhood playgrounds I recaptured my inspiration in the midst of my degree where living in an over-built concrete landscape had negative effects. My work is derived and inspired by the intricate structure that forms nature. I use the visual essence and arbitrary patterns that occur in all of nature through the mediums of pen and ink, painting, sculpture and wire work. Artists that encouraged my own incentives to produce art work have been Hundertwasser and Tord Boontje for their unique adaptations of our mother nature. They both convey a necessity to incorporate the natural world in our everyday lives for ecological and aesthetical affects.’


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Jo Buttons

  • Jo Buttons


Born: Bristol, England, UK
Degree: Fine Art BA Hons
University: Coventry University (05-09)

Natural Health Clinic, 2011
Cotham Hill, 2011
Easton Arts Trail, 2011
Hay-on-Wye Festival, 2011
Grain Barge, 2011
Hotwells Road, 2011
Hamswell Festival, 2011
Easton Arts Trail, 2010
Glastonbury Festival, 2010