‘We at Blackwood Fine Art believe that art is and always will be the heart and soul of any home. Although art has been an after thought with many interior designers it now seems it has taken its rightful place as an integral part of creating a home. However, adding your own personality into your homes through a visual medium can prove a daunting task for anyone, that’s why we offer what we believe to be a very important part in the art buying experience, the ‘Home Viewing.’

The ‘Home Viewing’ is a unique part of the art buying experience. One of our professional team members will consult with you to help you to further understand the art and the artist which are on offer whilst helping you to find potential pieces to help add texture, colour, life and most importantly a constant source of enjoyment for you and your home. Once you are happy one of our team will personally bring the art work to your home so you can see it in situe. During your ‘Home Viewing” we will also advise on lighting and wall hangings.

If you are interested in taking us up on a “Home Viewing” please contact us via our enquiries page.